Register with ADCE

By successfully completing the registration process, your company will be added to the ADCE vendor (Consultant, Contractor, Supplier and Sub Contractors) database, which is used to identify potential suppliers that possess the capability of providing Products and Services necessary to meet ADCE requirements.

ADCE reserves the right to check other resources to verify the submitted information during the registration and/or prequalification process, please note that neither the Registration nor the Prequalification acts as a guarantee for work with ADCE; rather, it highlights the suitable local resources that are available.

Subsequent to registration, we may request additional information during the prequalification process. You will be kept informed of the status of your Application.

Steps to Register with ADCE:

1.To register Click Here.

2.If you have a Protender login ID, please proceed to login and then access the ADCE registrations page.

3.If not registered please sign Up and you will be provided a username and password to access the ADCE registration portal.

4.Select your Registration Type (Contractor, Consultant, Supplier and Sub Contractor)

5.Download the documents as per vendor type.

6.Upload the filled and signed documents

7.Wait while your documents are verified. You will be notified as soon as the verification has been completed

8.Once registration is approved, the registration fees and the mode of payment will be communicated by email accordingly

9.Please note that no payment will be accepted before ADCE approval email, which includes the ADCE registration number. Any payments received before the approval will result in disqualification of the registration.

10.ADCE is not responsible for any fees paid based on third party requests. We shall consider payments made only on behalf of ADCE upon approval.

11.This fee is only for ADCE registration and not valid for any third party requests.

Each application will be evaluated by the Vendor management team on the basis of experience, financial soundness and relevance of the goods or services. Interested applicants may wish to provide a set of catalogues or specifications relating to its products or services. Please forward the certified application with supporting documents to our Vendor management portal in the link given above on the Protender website. Submission of a completed application package does not mean that you will be automatically included in the database. Registration will depend on the result of the evaluation of your application. Inclusion of your company in the database does not mean that it will be included in all supplier solicitations, it only means that your company, if included in the database, will be given equal consideration in the process of supplier selection.

For help with the Registration process, follow the instruction on our Support Section or contact Fatima Deria at or +971.2.697.3777

Registration to ADCE through Protender Website: