Sub Contractors

In order to register with ADCE please follow below steps:

1. Send an Email to in order to invite you through VENDORCafé®

2. Attach Commercial License & Classification Certificate in the email.

3. Write a Contact person details (Name, Email & Mobile No.)

4. An email will be followed from VENDORCafé® upon successful submission of above information.

5. Download the USER MANUAL to complete your registration.

6. The Mandatory documents are :

a. Valid Craft/ Commercial License.

b. Sub-Contractor Product Catalogue.

c. Legal documents for the Authorized Signatory along with valid POA.

d. Updated List of Employees attached with Engineers’ CVs, copy of their Residence Visa and their Graduation Certificates.

e. Relative Authorities Approvals, Classifications and certificates from Authorities like: ADDC, AADC, ADCD, Etc.

f. List of Ongoing or executed Projects along with details such as: Project Cost, Project Configuration, Project Duration, Contractor & Consultant Name, Owner Name, Developer Name, Pictures, Completion Certificate from Consultant and Contractor for completed projects, etc.

g. TRN (Tax Registration Number)

h. Complete Financial Statements (Audited) for last 3 years.

i. Download and upload ADCE Registration Documents:

i. Sub-Contractor Registration Form

ii. Sub-Contractor Pre-Qualification Checklist